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Short sales channels and a wide selection of up-to-date devices

Customer service is of course a great priority, and beginning with the our initial consultation, we offer you a comprehensive range of services..

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Of special advantage to our customers is having one main contact for all requests and problems.

Spare parts service is the most important issue for many customers as purchased devices and machines can be kept running for a long time. This is why we offer you our special AFTER SALES SERVICE.

With our short sales channels, we offer our customers and partners a wide selection of up-to-date devices at any time, which we deliver straight from the warehouse without delay.

Placeholder imageIn contrast with what competitors are offering, only products that are actually available and can be delivered immediately are listed in our offers and auctions.

All devices are professionally cleaned and thoroughly tested before we put them back on the market.

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Through flexibility and individual assistance, we are able to ensure that both the manner and type of customer consultation and service will be optimal.

Your PC-Exporting customer manager, familiar with your company and organisational goals, will assist you: directly, personally, and competently.