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Used IT and used entertainment hardware can be quickly re-marketed by PC-Exporting.

Used IT and used entertainment products can be purchased from PC-Exporting Ltd. at especially favorable prices and are cleaned by specialists and thoroughly tested before re-marketing.

used computer germany, used notebooks

As a Private client you will receive a warranty of up to 12 months on re-marketed used IT and used entertainment products
(excluded are expendable items and wear and tear parts).

Delivery is carried out immediately after receipt of payment or according to individual agreements with the customer.

We are proud of our comprehensive high-quality product range, as well as our flexibility that continues to satisfy our customers.

used computer germany, used notebooksPlease find below a small overview of our product range..


used computers, used notebooks, used servers, used network technology, used monitors, used TFTs, used LCDs, used printers, used photocopiers used fax and multifunctional devices used scanners used pos (Point of Sale) used hard drives internal and external used CD-ROM/RW and used DVD-ROM/RW drives (especially also Slim line products for notebooks), used RAM working memories batteries for notebooks, as well as AC adapters for computer products, data and power cables printer accessories like toner cartridges, other expendable items, and much more... 


Major Brands:

Computers: IBM, Dell, Compaq, Notebooks: IBM Toshiba, Compaq laser printers: HP, Lexmark, Xerox, Ink-jet printers: HP, Epson. Plotters: HP, Epson, Monitors: Dell, IBM, Compaq, Accessories: (cables, computer components, etc.)